Dance Towards Peace (DTP) is a self funded initiative aimed at spreading peace and health awareness through dance. We are active in bridging cultural gaps, offering educational alternatives and complimentary programs, humanistic approach to working with underprivileged and impoverished individuals, promoting youth groups, assuring child protection and Human Rights and teaching the acceptance of diversity all through dance. While focused on the conflicts throughout the Middle East and Africa, we welcome any opportunity world wide to all causes dedicated in promoting peace and health.  

We perform and instruct dance to bring together cultures through this unique form of expression. We also lecture on the activities of the youth initiative and prevalent problems facing our world today. 

DTP will partner with NGOs, Hospitals, Schools and Not For Profits to offer performances, choreography and instruction in all dance styles. So far, DTP has been active with the following major initiatives; childhood cancer awareness campaigns in Jordan, education campaigns in orphanages in Romania, and public education campaigns in other countries regarding health issues. These campaigns have been celebrated through the creation of dance performances, lectures, and various other exciting activities.